The Must Have Accessories for Fall 2019

By Lojain El Shawaf

This year’s fall season is our chance to look fierce and spicy. From intense lipstick colors to wide coats and baggy clothes, we’re getting you the accessories that will, for sure, embrace this aesthetic.

Wide/dangling earrings 

We’re putting mediocre earrings aside this fall, let’s be more daring. Dangling earrings that somehow are shoulder-length are a fashion statement, and for sure should be included in your accessories bag.

Gold printed necklaces

Gold necklaces will always manage to make it on our list. These new golden  necklaces that have a lady’s face print on it, we have to say, it definetaly adds elegance to any outfit. It just makes it perfect! 


You’ll never feel like a 12-year-old while wearing scrunchies again, because they’re back in style. If you’ve got the new furry and pearly scrunchies then you’ll rock any look.

Floral/vintage scarves

Scarves add this fancy taste to anything you wear and fall is known for its vintage orange vibes which, makes the floral/vintage scarves the perfect accessory for this season.

Wide belts

These are no longer a seventies style as wide belts and snatched wastes are back this fall to compliment all of your outfits. The large belts are now for sure a go-to.


We can’t forget the hair. Bandanas add not only style but also color to any hairstyle you pull off. Even the basic ponytail, you can use a bandana as a hair tie and voila, you’re done!

Boho rings

Rings scream femininity, in my opinion they’re the perfect accessory for a night out. Boho rings are all over instagram right now and seriously, they look amazing!

Knee-high boots

Boots aren’t only for winter, as some people might assume, they can be worn during fall too, especially the knee-high ones. Wear your tights and throw on your knee-high boots, so effortless and pretty.

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