The Metaverse’s Newest Addition: Mr. Musky, The Virtual Salesman

So far, the UAE has been dominating the virtual sphere with more than 1000 companies joining the metaverse. With more expecting to join like real estate companies who are building digital cities. Other than virtual houses, there are now virtual people entering the metaverse as well, meet Mr. Musky, the world’s first salesperson joining the metaverse.

SEO Souq, a company that provides Search Engine Optimization services, created its very own metaverse called BurjMeta and within that virtual world, you will find Mr. Musky. He operates exactly as how an AI chatbot on a company website would except when you enter into the BurjMeta, you won’t be typing into a chatbot, you will be talking to a man donned in a suit in real-time.

His main job is to promote the SEO Souq brand and its services and he does so by relying on sales pitches that were pre-programmed. He will also be available 24/7 to help answer any customer queries. The CEO of SEO Souq stated that Musky can help the company avoid the fate of many startups who close before finishing a year due to lack of sales. This strategy is a new way to promote marketing and sales activities.

Other than incorporating a virtual employee like Mr. Musky, companies in general are also buying plots of virtual land from pre-existing virtual spaces including virtual offices and virtual landscape.

The metaverse is not just transforming the business landscape but it plans to revamp the entire day to day structure of daily life. This is not just in the UAE, Saudi Arabia has also dipped its toes into the virtual landscape with its biggest project NEOM.

Via Twitter

The future smart city will not only be visited in real life but it is planned to be accessed virtually in the future through its virtual digital twin in the metaverse. This means that people not residing in Saudi Arabia can also get to experience the future city from a completely different continent.

More and more future projects are joining the metaverse as it continues to grow and transform the digital landscape, in preparation for a full transition into Web 3.0.

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