The Louvre and British Museum are Teaming up to Renovate Cairo’s Egyptian Museum

Some of the most famous museums around the world will be teaming up to help bring the Egyptian Museum to another level. The Museum located at the Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt the museum holds some of the world’s most coveted historical pieces. While the museum has been doing quite well for itself, it would definitely use some help from the international partners to further improve its marketing, curation and overall management. Not many specifics have been made public, but we know that there is a huge renovation plan in place to bring more novelty to the place improving its current state of administration, marketing and so on. Their well-established museum will help guide Cairo to make most of its assets and to up its current status. The museums that will be working together on this project are the Museo Egizio from Turin, the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung from Berlin, the Louvre and Leidens Rijksmuseum van Oudhedenalong with the leading contributor the British Museum.

Fascination with the Egyptian Culture

This sort of collaborative work is not that common in the museum’s industry and it goes to show that the individualistic and divisive approach might be changing. While their countries are battling their own problems and risky situations they have found the willingness to work together to help the potential of the Cairo Museum reach its full potential. There are multiple types of casino games based on the Egyptian theme, there are movies, there are plays and there are different merchandise, storybooks and so on. So the topic remains quite popular with consumers of all ages and has the potential to grow even more.

While the aforementioned museum might not be as well rounded as its current partners, it definitely has the potential to rise to the same standards. The Cairo museum and overall the Egyptian culture is very much in demand and full of unexplored potential. We see its influences in all sorts of arts and entertainment. And in most cases, it finds its own audience and attracts additional attention to the culture and history which is anything but boring.

Egyptian history has long been everyone’s favorite and we have seen franchises around the theme that have been extremely successful only serving as proof that Egyptian culture resonated and excited people, more than many others that get the same of even bigger exposure. The Egyptian culture is unique and fascinating for people of all ages and it could definitely be marketed better to those traveling to Egypt or those wanting to know more about the culture in general.

This consortium of museums aims to help the Cairo Museum to live up to its potential and use its artifacts, according to the sources reach the number of 120,000, to create one of the top tier museums around the world. The project will continue even after Britain has left the European Union, as it has been confirmed already by the representative of the British Museum

The bright future of the Cario museum

To be fair the Egyptian museum in Cairo is already up there with other world-class museums and will continue to attract customers whether or not these changes will come around. The content of the museum is enough to distinguish it from thousands of other historical museums but the fact that it is not using its full potential remains. Afterall the Cairo Museums houses the largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, including the Gold Mask of Tutankhamun, The Mummy Mask of Psusennes, Colossal statue of Amenhotep III and Tiye.  The importance of these artifacts is not lost on the international selection of the museums wanting to collaborate with Cairo to improve its services. This whole project will be funded by the EU and will cost around $3.1 million. The main focus will be on helping and advising museums on how to communicate and advertise better to their particular audience and how to improve their overall management to make sure that the museum is using all of its assets to the fullest.

The project will be titled Transforming the Egyptian Museum of Cairo and will hopefully elevate its current curatorial state and make sure that the museum is using all the latest technology to preserve their assets and make sure that their belongings are presented in the best way possible.

There is no official date for this project commencement, but it will surely happen during this year and hopefully, the collaboration between the Cairo Museum and the rest of the outstanding curators will continue and help it to evolve into something even more impressive and profitable.

Cairo has great touristic potential that could definitely do better considering the City’s assets. This move will likely bring more international visitors to the Egyptian Museum and will raise awareness about the Egyptian culture in general.

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