The Life Of The Party: A Guide To The Latest Events Coming To Cairo This Month

Since 1961, when Louis Armstrong performed his legendary jazz songs for the first time at the Pyramids of Giza, the land of the pharaohs has served as a venue for musical performances from all over the world. With stars ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira, JLo, and many more. This month is no exception so we have compiled a number of festive events and concerts to keep a look out for this year.

Nutcracker Ballet

Running from Dec. 27 to 30, the Cairo Opera Ballet Company, accompanied by the Cairo Opera Orchestra, will present Russian composer Tchaikovsky’s beloved masterpiece “The Nutcracker.” This event comes as part of the Opera House’s New Years’ and Christmas celebrations and will be held at the Grand Theater. You can book your seat from the Tickets Mall app that you can download from the Apple Store or the Play store.

Black Theama

Taking place on Dec. 24 at the Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel, Black Theama is an Egyptian band that was founded in 2004. The band’s musical genre covers a wide range of styles from Nubian rhythms, reggae, hip-hop, and R&B, to music with other African influences. Through their music, they sing to “celebrate the black experience in Egypt. You can book your ticket through Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel’s official website.

Mangabeys & Radioactive Toy

The famous Cairo Jazz Club returns with a banger on Dec. 11 at 9 pm for those who can’t resist the British-Alternative Rock band “Arctic Monkeys” and English rock band “Porcupine Tree.” While those bands won’t be present themselves, Mangabeys and Radioactive Toy will both be paying tribute to the iconic bands by playing some of their most popular songs. To book your place, you can send Cairo Jazz Club’s Facebook page message between 12-8 PM.

Omar Khairat

The maestro himself ‘Omar Khairat’ will be blessing the stage of the Grand Theatre at the Cairo Opera House on Dec. 11 & 12. Khairat will be having two different concerts on those dates and you can get your tickets through the Tickets Mall app as well. For those who are not familiar with this legend, Khairat is a famous Egyptian composer, pianist, founder, and conductor of “‘Omar Khairat Band”. He also composed music for international events like the “National Feast of Oman (1993)”, the Inauguration Ceremony of “Bibliotheca Alexandrina (1996)”, “The Carthage Festival”- in Tunisia, and “Operetta al-Sheikh Zayed – Emirates (2000).”

Muslim Concert

Another concert at Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel will take place on Dec. 17 and it will feature the young talented musician “Muslim.” He is a singer, writer, and composer whose songs have been gaining popularity amongst young audiences. You can easily book your ticket through Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel’s official website.

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Saint Levant – Perrie

Big fan of rap? Well, Cairo Jazz club got you covered with a party, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Palestinian/French/Algerian artist Saint Levant will be performing on Saturday, Dec. 17 along with Egyptian rapper Perrie. Both rappers will be in the building for fire performances of their unmatched rhymes. For reservation, you can reach out to Cairo Jazz Club’s Facebook page between 12-8 PM to book for this event.

With those events, we guarantee you that the month of December will be a busy one for you to enjoy and prepare for a new year. Whether you’re a fan of rap, alternative rock, or Christmas musicals, we’ve got you covered with the latest events.

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