The Letters Project: This Emirati Artist’s Social Project Is Trying to Heal Personal Traumas!

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“These are the letters of faceless people who wish to share their stories. – transparency through anonymity.” That’s how Sarah Alagroobi described her project on its Instagram bio. Alagroobi is a Brussels-raised, London-based, Emirati artist who decided to go the extra mile to provide a platform for those who need to share their stories but can’t.

Via sarahalagroobi

Sarah started an online blog called The Letters Project, asking people to submit any kind of letters. The letters are then posted on the blog in total anonymity. At press time, Sarah had already received and posted more than 60 letters for the project! People have shown a great deal of kindness towards the writers of the letters with kind, encouraging, love words. They also engaged in discussions, tackling the issues touched by the anonymous letters sent. The platform gives a chance to the marginalized voices to share their experiences on their own terms.

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The letters are divided into four categories; declaration, reconciliation, concession, and apologies. Writing the letters is, by all means, therapeutic, but even reading them and skimming through helps as well. It helps people understand that they’re not alone in what they’re facing.

Everyone is fighting their own battle, getting to read about the struggles of others reminds us why we should always be kind, accepting, and understanding.

WE SAID THIS:  It’s always a healthy choice to discuss what’s inside you, so write your own letter! 

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