The Latest House of Funk – 10!

Get the exclusive Scoop from the ladies themselves when we interviewed Laurice Matta on 10, the newest homegrown beauty spot to hit the city. 

Who is 10?

10 is Laurice Matta & Soraya Shawky.

What is 10?

My beauty playground, haha.. It’s split up in to 3 sections nails, tattoo & make up. Concerning the nails part we have everything from Nail Art to the general Mani/ Pedi to acrylic and gelish.. You name it we got it!

As for the Make Up part we offer everything from your basic subtle ‘au natural’ look to a wild one night makeover. Last but not least TATTOOS!!! We will ink up anything from a detailed body tattoo to what some would refer to as ‘perminant makeup’ haha

Oh and for the best bit we offer all this for men as well.. Yup! All except for the makeup that is unles you are in to that kinda thing, which in any case we won’t judge.. 

Why 10? 

There are so many reasons if not all the right ones at least. We struggled with the name at first to be honest… We wanted something fun, funky and alive to represent the brand but nothing fit the part. Then we looked at the address found that it was 10… Then that’s all we kept seeing everywhere.. We offer 10 services.. There are 10 basic steps to both the make up as well as tattoo process.. It just made sense and stuck so we decided not to fight it. Somethings are just meant to be!

Where is 10?

10 Michael  Loxallah st. Zamalek. 

For those of you that, that means nothing to. It’s on the coner of the Marriott and the old British International School. In place of the old Safari store. Shouldnt be hard to miss. There is a huge 10 on the window as well as a range of colors, lights up from the end of the street.

 When is 10?

We open our doors Monday April 30th, keep in mind in honor of Tamarai’s White party,  for Tuesday the 1st if May ONLY!!! We will be giving special offers for all that is white! 

As for us here from Scoop we would like to say congrats ladies, we are so proud and can’t wait to see all the glimpses of funk around the city.. Cairo get ready for a very colorful ride! 


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