The Dark Truth Exposed: Inside Cairo’s Serial Killer Recent Investigation

The “Women Serial Killer” case continues to reveal evidence. The suspect, accused of killing three women and disposing of their bodies in desert areas of Port Said and Ismailia, has revealed disturbing details about his crimes.

Following the discovery of the victims’ bodies, the security forces intensified their investigation to identify the perpetrator. The investigation team successfully uncovered the identity of the new serial killer.

Who is Tagamou Serial Killer?

The suspect is Kareem, a 37-year-old divorced man with two children and has a dual nationality. He was famous on TikTok for teaching English. The Public Security Sector of the Ministry of the Interior arrested Kareem and revealed shocking details about the case.

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“Kareem,” known in the media as the “Tagamou Serial Killer,” confessed to murdering more than three women after having relationships with them, torturing them, and forcing them to consume drugs in his home in Tagamou.

The police in Port Said arrested him while he was trying to dispose of his latest victim’s body near the June 30 Axis, South of Port Said.

A local media source reported that Kareem gave detailed confessions during the investigation, admitting to three murders. He said he felt great pleasure after taking drugs with his victims and torturing them.

The source quoted Kareem saying, “My happiness increased with their screams, so I soundproof the room.” He added, “I can’t remember how many I’ve killed.”

The prosecution has instructed the police to review missing person reports from the past two months to identify the victims. Authorities discovered the body of a third woman near the killer’s home under similar conditions to the previous victims.

A forensic report revealed that the third victim had the same consciousness-altering drug in her system, which the suspect used during his assaults and was found at his home by investigators.

The Public Prosecution asked for an investigation, which confirmed the suspect’s role in the third woman’s murder. When confronted, the suspect admitted to killing her in the same way as the first two victims.

Forensic experts were called to collect fingerprints from the crime scene. The suspect was sent for a medical examination to check for drug use. The suspect’s phone is being examined for evidence of more victims.

It is important to note that the Public Prosecution has ordered the suspect to be held in custody for 15 days pending further investigation.

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