The Curious Case of Cairo’s Fried Chicken

By Umar Elbieh

If we can agree on something, it will be the fact that every corner of Cairo has a “fried chicken” restaurant and that Cairo’s fried chicken lovers are plenty! Everywhere smells of greasy chicken and cheddar cheese, and that is not always a good thing.

TikTok users and celebrities decided to surf the same wave as well, you see it every day on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. TikTok user “XYZ” decided to open his own fried chicken restaurant, cringy name and all.

But, did you ever ask yourself about the reason behind such ventures? Did you consider the fact that there are more than 5 trillion recipes on our planet, and we always choose the same ones?

Now it’s time to finally address the fried elephant in the restaurant. Let’s dig in deep to find the reasons behind the phenomenon of Cairo’s fried chicken taking over our streets!

It’s simple!

You can’t deny the fact that anyone can make fried chicken. It’s one of the easiest meals in the world. You don’t need “Burak” or “Nusret” to make such a meal in your kitchen, no. It’s way easier than that, you just put some chicken in spices, dip it in eggs and flour, and kaboom! Here we go!

Finding staff for such restaurants is not hard due to the nature of the meal itself. It mainly depends on cutting some vegetables and getting pre-made sauces for dressings over the easily made chicken.

However, let’s not forget that specific chains always do something different about the whole meal. If you look at a restaurant like Chicken-Fil-A, you will find their offerings diverse and includes several plates that can stand out in the crowded “chicken scene”, while other restaurants tend to fail because they can’t offer something different.

Everyone likes it!

Let’s be honest, nobody hates fried chicken but vegans. Fried chicken has been here since the 4th century, yes you read that right. The infamous meal found popularity and gathered liking from planet Earth, and not from a specific country. The fact that the meal is enough for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast if you’re a spoiled brat is a blessing in itself.

A good meal that gives you the satisfaction of feeding your hunger and enlightening your taste buds is something you can’t say no to. It’s delicious and it can be served with literally anything, so that gives it an upper hand when you compare it to other plates.

Materials can be found with ease

Anyone with some good contacts in the market can find all the materials needed to make the most popular fried chicken recipes and plates. I mean, what will you need other than chicken, spices, flour, eggs, fries, or dressing?

I mean, you might need other stuff, we can’t deny that. But most of these restaurants are basic and they don’t give as many options as we think, and that is why it’s easy for them to get such materials without having any supply problems.

We already had one billion hens in the last year, and that is a big number that is enough for us. At the same time, the cost of such a meal is not that expensive when you compare it to other high-end meals that can dig a hole in your pocket if the client’s pocket is already empty…

Marketing was never easier

Remember when we talked about TikTokers? That is a reason. Most of the “rich” TikTokers right now do open a cafe or a fried chicken restaurant, but did you actually think about the marketing part they play?

The aforementioned facts play a major role, we can’t deny that. But the role played by influencers and internet celebrities can’t be denied. Reaching an audience is not that hard if you’re already famous and creating a lot of content that revolves around their brand.

But, let’s be honest, not every restaurant made by a celebrity is a failure, but most of them end up being one. You might have millions on your account, but can you turn these millions into Pounds if you’re not giving a good product? That is what you need to ask yourself, Mr. Influencer.

From our point of view, these four reasons are enough to drive an influencer to open their fried chicken restaurant. Do you think of any other reasons? Why don’t you share them below in our comments section? And remember, Cairo’s fried chicken might steal our hearts, but not every restaurant does.

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