The Care Pack; A Homegrown Project That Aims to Build a Better World By Teaching Our Children to Care More

Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults who will have the power to lead, create, and shape the future. If we want to live in a better world, we need to work on these seeds to ensure they grow into conscious, influential characters who care about their communities and leave a positive impact in the world.

After giving birth to her daughter and starting her coaching career, Roba El-Gindy, an Egyptian Parenting Coach, realized that there’s a missing link in today’s parenting. “I knew that my generation struggles with a lot of concepts that should have been ingrained in us in childhood that would help us manage adulthood in a healthy and balanced way; like self-care, gratitude, empathy, and a growth mindset to name a few. I decided to take steps towards bridging this gap to better prepare the next generation for the world,” said El-Gindy.

With a mission to revolutionize Social Emotional Learning and Character Education for children, and teaching new generations that it’s “cool to care”, El-Gindy launched The Care Pack to empower children and teach them skills that have become rare in today’s world. As schools and parents become more focused on academic excellence, humanity gets lost on the way.

The Care Pack is a box of fun educational games and activities that teach children essential life skills through an an exciting 30-day-journey. Designed for kids aged 7+, each box comes with a different theme, with the first one being ’30 Days of Gratitude’.

El-Gindy believes that parenting is a skill that needs to be consciously learned and developed. Stemming from her belief in the importance of creating an unbreakable bond between parents and their children, The Care Pack was born to help children become the best versions of themselves.

“Parenting and developing a child have never been more challenging than in this day and age. We are torn between the fast paced life style our previous generations didn’t face, and the exposure our children have to the world through their finger tips. In a world that has never been more connected, we have never been more disconnected from our children, not emotionally in tune with them,” added El-Gindy.

Since The Care Pack was made for parenthood in general, regardless of background or nationality, they plan on expanding to other countries in the future.

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