The Assads Have An Instagram


So, the Syrian presidency has an Instagram account and, surprisingly, it’s still active. Glad to know the Assads still have time to update their social networks in the midst of a raging civil war, chemical weapons attacks and impending military intervention by the international community. Yay, propaganda! Which is what the entire account is.

There are snapshots of President Bashar al-Assad smiling at his troops, sitting in important-looking meetings, shaking hands with sheikhs, and creepily waving at the camera. And there’s also a bunch of his wife Asma al-Assad with random kids. Compelling stuff.

The comments directed at the beleaguered president are starkly divided, from “We are proud of you” to “Murderer”. Apparently, “Russia loves Bashar”, “But Indonesian poeple HATE assad”, and Americans are just blood-hungry.

Our question: Why no #nofilter?

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