The Art of Reading Body Language: The Arab Edition!


By Salma Maher

There’s something deeply satisfying about knowing what goes around in someone’s mind, and since mind-reading is not exactly something us humans are equipped to do, getting to know your body language and body language about the people around you may give you an indication of what people may be thinking and feeling.
Here’s how you can read a person’s body language!

Check for Mirroring


Mirroring is a way of saying “I’m like you, I feel the same” without actually having to say it, all thanks to a neuron that lets you copy facial expressions you see on others. And more often than not, it could be in the form of imitating body postures, voice-tones and talking pace, all leading to momentarily building trust and understanding. So when a person says “the vibes were right” with someone else, they’re subconsciously referring to the effect of mirroring!

The Eyes


Science says, the pupil dilates to take in more light, but if you’re in a well-lit room and you see a person’s pupil’s dilated, then this just means they like what they see! Or they could just be on drugs, you can never really know. Also, here’s a really easy way to check if your friend is telling the truth or if it’s just another work of their imagination; if they’re looking to their right while talking, then it’s probably the latter.

The Hands


You may not have noticed, but your hands do an accurate display of how confident you are. So at times of sheer insecurity and stress, your hands will start to clutch its way out of existence. On the other hand, (see what I did there) when you’re feeling in control, your fingers will spread out to make your hand look more territorial.

The Posture


Your posture basically emphasizes whatever message you’re sending out to the world. A closed position would be one where your legs are folded, arms are crossed, and you’re seated in a slight angle from the person you’re interacting with, implying both discomfort and disinterest. Contrary to the closed position, the open position resembles readiness and openness to listening and communicating through a more en face arrangement, with an open chest and spread-out arms; it’s pretty much self-explanatory.

Here’s a little tip on how to manipulate your body language into making you feel more confident, and not just look the part: Before you head into an interview, an important meeting, or even a uni class that requires lots of participation, take two minutes to yourself doing the ‘superhero’ pose. This pose is scientifically proven to boost your confidence thus enhancing your public speaking skills. To find out more, check out the video below:

WE SAID THIS: In a world where people say one thing but actually mean the other, it won’t hurt to read the signs!