The Arab Mom Starter Pack 🤌… You’re Bound To Have Experienced All 10

Arab moms have no alike. The Middle East has birthed women differently, but once they’re moms, they have so much in common. Our moms are smart, caring, loving, and have beautiful souls. Sometimes though, they have those little annoying, yet funny moves. Just a little. They crack us up every day, and we’re talking about it so no one feels alone. Here are 10 things that every Arab mom definitely does.

Pulling up feuds from the past

When you go to tell her you’re traveling with your friends, and for some unknown reason, she disapproves. But instead of telling you exactly why you don’t deserve to have fun, she reminds you of that one time you came home late, and the other time you sort of yelled at her. Bringing up irrelevant and old arguments just to tell you why you can’t do this or that now. It’s a total Arab mom move.

Asking you what she should cook today… even though she won’t listen

Almost every day, she asks you what to cook, molokhya, mahshy, or plain pasta. But it doesn’t matter what you say, she’s bored of it anyway, and she will most definitely cook whatever she feels like. Save yourself the time and just tell her I’d love to eat whatever you cook.

Cleans her bedroom because we have guests coming over

For some reason, when you’re having guests over, an Arab mom would obsess about every little detail in the house and go on a cleaning frenzy. She doesn’t just tidy up the living room and bathroom, it also extends to all bedrooms. As if the guests are going to be napping in your house or inspect the cleanliness of it.

Flower/babies picture overload

Arab moms on Facebook or social media are another breed. The amount of baby pictures or flower pictures that you might receive on WhatsApp or see shared on their walls is amazing. Scientists have done studies, but they still can’t figure out the appeal of flowers and babies to Arab moms.

Does everything, and then complains no one is helping

Arab moms have trust issues; they don’t trust that you can clean up dust or add salt to the sauce. They’re independent, always have been always will be. The problem is they’re always tired because they literally do everything themselves. They’d feel bad for themselves and complain that no one is helping them with anything. Even though they’re the ones who want to do all the work! They ask you to wipe a table, and if you don’t do it that instant, they’re already grabbing the cloth and getting to work!

There is no limit to how many times she will ask for tea

Arabs are tea addicts. Tea in the morning, tea after breakfast, tea as a snack, tea after lunch, and so on and so forth. They will be asking you to make them more than 6 teacups a day and you might as well make yourself one.

You’re forever their baby

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 25, or 30. They’re always going to treat you like their baby. They’re going to cook for you, help you with anything because you’re never too old to need your mom. Even if you need her to help you make career decisions or what to wear to your friend’s birthday party.

Donates your clothes, or worse

When she decides to clean the closets, she cleans them good. Meaning, she even decides what’s suitable for wearing, and what’s too small, too big, or too old and takes them out of the closet. Now those selected items are either going to be donated or used as mobs or wiping cloths. Either way, you don’t get a choice.

That nonverbal threat

As an Arab growing up, the amount of times you’ve received this nonverbal threat is uncountable. You’d have guests over, be visiting your relatives, or your mom would be on the phone, and you’d do something that’s not her cup of tea. That’s what she will give you. The sign that means she’s going to whoop your ass. It’s the Middle Eastern “Meet me outside, howaboutdat.”

Ordering food is a big deal

The “we have food at home” series never ends. Arab homes always have food, and by food, they mean a full stacked fridge or a fridge with water bottles in them. As long as the fridge is plugged in, there’s food at home. So, why order food? Why are you hungry at 3 a.m? And if you are, why aren’t you making some mombar to eat? Word to the wise: just order when she’s asleep and hide it well.

If that sounds like your average Arab mom, show her this article for some humorous self-awareness!

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