Chinese Teen Sneaks onto Airplane to Dubai to Become A ‘Professional Beggar’



A Chinese teenage boy has managed to sneak into the cargo compartment of the huge Emirates A380 plane flying from China to Dubai in hopes of having a better life by earning his fortune as a “professional beggar.”

The 16-year-old named Xu was only discovered after reaching Dubai at the end of his nine hours trip, and was arrested by Dubai police. The report says that he jumped over a fence at Shanghai airport and climbed into the cargo hold and was able to sneak his way in from under the security guards.


(credit: scmp)
(credit: scmp)


Xu reportedly risked his life because he had heard an online rumour that he can earn several hundred thousand yuan a month by begging in the streets of Dubai. He also said that the cargo compartment of the plane was very comfortable, although he did not eat anything during the nine-hour flight.

No details provided on the full identity or condition of the stowaway. “We are co-operating fully with authorities in Dubai and, as this is a police matter, we are unable to comment further at this time” said a spokesman for the airline.



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