Tea Time: Salt and Restaurants


Today’s young couples barely have time to cook. Our fast-paced lives mean more delivery and less mommy’s home cooked meal. But, are these habits taking a toll on our health? A recent study on salt content and restaurant meals tell us exactly that.

664 meals from various high end restaurants and fast food chains were tested for salt content. The results are quite alarming. Analysis showed that 347 meals had more than 2.4g of salt per portion, which would earn them “high salt content” food label!

In the fast food category, meals from McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and Dominos were all analyzed as part of the survey. Pizza Hut fared worst with 93% of their dishes analyzed containing more than 2.4g of salt.  Subway fared best with less than one in five meals getting a red traffic light label for salt, although their portions were smaller.

The British Department of Health has previously said that reducing salt intake by just 1g per day – a pinch of salt – would save 4,147 preventable deaths every year.

Dietitian’s take home message: Next time you’re craving a pizza, try (just try) making  one at home*, or call “mom” for a personal homemade pizza delivery!

*I’ll give you a cheat: There’s a SUPER easy recipe at TeaCalls!