Tatweer Misr Officially Announces its Partnership With Liverpool FC by Dominating C-town’s Hottest Spots

Via Tatweer Misr

We couldn’t help but notice the gigantic billboards from Tatweer Misr’s most recent campaign bombarding the streets of Cairo. The owner of IL Monte Galala and Fouka Bay has partnered with Liverpool FC (LFC) and is making quite an announcement by dominating C-town’s hottest spots.

The campaign seems to be pointing at the unity and cooperation that resulted from the partnership. This is pretty clear as the key message used on the outdoors is “Together we are strong”. This key message is also reflected in the simple, yet magnificent, artwork. Using the football club’s visual identity, in addition to featuring the team players, perfectly reflects cooperation and teamwork between the two entities.

Via Tatweer Misr

Looking at it from Tatweer Misr’s side, turns out that this partnership is part of their plans to expand into new markets across Europe. This will play a crucial role in their new real estate export strategy they’re currently working on. The expansion’s starting point will be in the UK this spring. The Egyptian company will definitely benefit from having LFC’s social media platforms as a marketing asset to support their developments. The company will maintain its activity in the Egyptian market, however, they’re planning to expand their reach into new global markets. This will make room for an increased international brand recognition and in return, international sales will be boosted.

Via Tatweer Misr

On the other hand, the company’s not the only one to benefit from this. Tatweer Misr’s clients will also have their share as well. Many special opportunities will be provided, including visits to Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club, and giveaways of signed LFC merchandise.

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Tatweer Misr is an Egyptian shareholding real estate company established in 2014. The company’s main asset relies in the wealth of having this amount of industrial and real estate experience from its shareholders. The combined expertise of its management team allows the company to maintain excellence at all its levels and services. Tatweer Misr covers all aspects of the real estate industry. Their services vary from construction, design and architecture to landscaping, lifestyle services, and amenities.

WE SAID THIS: Tatweer Misr just launched a huge event at Intercontinental Semiramis in Cairo on January 10th. As they certainly won’t stop there, we‘ll update you as soon as more details are revealed.