17 Tamer Hosny Lyrics for When You Need an Instagram Caption

tamer hosy


Some people might think that the hardest part of Instagramming is taking the actual picture or choosing the filter, but it really isn’t. It’s choosing the damn caption. Like for real, what should be the caption for this gorgeous Greek salad I’m about to eat? Or this fab picture with my squad?


Ugh, so many decisions ya ged3an, we totally feel you! Which is why we’re gathered here today with the one and only Negm El Geel, Tamer Hosny, to help you out whenever you want a caption for your Instagram picture.




Ba7es ma3ak be 7aga gededa wakhdany, fe bo3dak 7aga na2sany, fe 7odnak dafeeny.


Kan kol showeya yetamen 3aleya, kan kol 7aga bel nesba leya.


Da ana bost edeya 3alashan salemt 3aleky.


Ana ba7ebek moot we 3aref soot soot nafsek, 7ata law ana mosh ganbek.


Ana wala 3aref ana maly…


Kol mara bashoofak fiha, bab2a nefsy ahh. 😉


Keep it up baby see tomorrow and forget about the sorrow.


Law tes2al ya3ny eh Masry? Ya3ny 2alb we roo7 we mabda2.






7atta weta be3eed 3alaya, lesa bete7lam beek 3enaya!


Hayekbar beeny w beenek w ashoofo be3eeny w 3eenek.


Ana law 3enaya teshoof gheerak ana mosh hafta7ha.


Khaleek ma3aya hena ya roo7 alby matew7asheneesh.


Habiby wana ganbek ta3raf ba7es be eh? 😉


We share love and joy…love and joy…and happiness.


Habiby enaharda lazem ta3raf 7obak 3amely genan!


La la lay lay lay la la la la lay lay la la lay lay la la!


Ana ba7ebak 7ob ma7aboosh ensan.



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