Talking Jewelry: Why the Stars are Picking Egyptian Designer Laila Wahba for Their Red Carpet Looks

Jewelry isn’t just a piece of design, it’s a combination of art, fashion, and bold wearable additions that enhance any outfit. In Egypt, there are plenty of jewelry masters, but one in particular has caught our eyes. Laila Wahba is an inspiring Egyptian jewelry designer that uses her exquisite pieces to celebrate women’s individuality and encourage their empowerment.

Her designs are specially handpicked and handmade with an additional modern twist. Laila’s 5th collection, ‘Phoenix,’ has struck us all, as it symbolizes precisely what the world endured the past year; a rebirth that paved the way for entering into a new phase of life.

“My jewelry is meant to be worn with power and grace by women
of all ages. My designs in general, have been and will always be
loyal to the Etruscan and Roman cultures of the past, but with this
particular collection, I heavily incorporated styles from the mid-90s –
a time that came to be known for some of fashion’s most memorable

Laila Wahba

‘Phoenix’ is the definition of timeless, unique, and edgy designs that express bold statements unapologetically. The collection consists of breathtaking necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are primarily gold-tone finishes. In order to put her jewelry into action, Laila chose Batool Al Daawi as the photographer and the mesmerizing actress Heba Eldessouky as her model to show off the new collection. The final result being these pictures are out of this world!

First established in 2012, Laila’s jewelry brand continues to be a favorite preference amongst celebrities and fashionistas across the Middle East. More than eight years have passed filled with these beautifully constructed and class quality designs. We just can’t stop obsessing over it!

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