Tagamoa’ Peeps, Now You Can Start Your Summer Fresh With Pinkberry at Cairo Festival City

With summer approaching in Egypt, and the heat starting to drain us all, there couldn’t have been any better news than Pinkberry finally getting a spot at Cairo Festival City last Thursday. Located on the upper floor on the 3rd level near the food court area, Pinkberry welcomed visitors and media to tour the store and enjoy making their own frozen yogurt with all the customized toppings they desire. Pinkberry offers uncompromising quality premium frozen yogurt, made fresh daily with the highest quality ingredients to deliver the perfect balance of tart and sweet, resulting in a refreshing, light, and craveable taste with a yummy-looking finish.

Yogurt is essential in most diets, but unfortunately, many people avoid it because they’re not fans of the taste as much as they are of the benefits. That being said, many parents struggle to force their children to have it. So with the introduction of Pinkberry, yogurt turned from a necessity to a craving. By helping people discover new ways to enjoy yogurt in their daily routines, Pinkberry assists customers in pairing yogurt with the perfect toppings, from fruits and gummy bears, to nuts, cookies, and brownies. Pinkberry’s passion for yogurt delivers distinctive yogurt taste served with gratitude in an inspiring store design, to create a one-of-a-kind experience that delights you on every visit. Each flavor is expertly crafted to complement fresh seasonal fruit, and the toppings are each thoughtfully selected as perfect pairings to the yogurt.

The best part about the store is that they offer more than just yogurt, so if you’re feeling like you’re in the mood for something more on the blended side, their signature smoothies are to die for!

Back in 2012, Pinkberry first opened in Cairo at City Stars, followed with Mall of Egypt. This new opening marks the third location in Egypt, and the 55th store across the Middle East. Other stores opened in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. World famous Pinkberry first originated in Los Angeles, California, and their frozen yogurt brand is known for its fresh, pure, and supremely tasty frozen yogurt and variety of toppings.

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