The Cry of the Youngest Bomb Attack Survivor Is the Most Beautiful Sound You’ll Hear Today


The cry of the youngest bomb attack survivor is the most beautiful sound you’ll hear today. It’s such a contradictory situation when life beats death in war torn Syria. This is the amazing moment when a Syrian newborn cries for the first time –after a barrel bomb almost kills his pregnant mother.


Salute to the doctors and nurses that take the risks to save lives every day in Syria. Thank you for showing us that Syria is not a hopeless case. Thank you for seeing disturbing casualties with a brave heart. We couldn’t even bare looking at the picture of little Omran from Aleppo sitting shocked after being pulled out of rubble, and we cannot begin to imagine the kind of things doctors in Syria have seen.




As a matter of fact Dr. Zaher Sahloul, who has worked in Aleppo, writes about the picture of Omran to The Guardian telling them, “We say this is a powerful picture, but will it translate into meaningful action to protect these children? They are not dolls to cry over and then move on. That is the worst thing, everyone is looking at these pictures, but who will do anything?” That’s the attitude of a doctor who can do something (it actually makes me jealous and regret not going into med school).


In the article, Sahloul continues saying to The Gaurdian, “I could never have imagined I would take such risks with my life when I went to medical school, when the main thing we expected to worry about was lawsuits. And after each medical mission to Syria, people ask me how I can leave my loving family and comfortable home in Chicago, knowing I may not come back. I ask this question myself sometimes, sipping morning coffee in my suburban backyard, watching birds and butterflies.”



WE SAID THIS: Sahloul is one of many doctors who were not expecting their careers to take such a sharp turn, but they didn’t run away, especially those doctors who have not fled Syria.


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