Behind The Tech With Spotify: Tech Chat With Sherry El Kilany and Claudius Boller

Every year like clockwork the RiseUp Summit comes along and world-renown speakers, entrepreneurs and those keen to learn from them attend; but this year was different!

As the coronavirus continues to run rampant around the world, the summit was taken online instead of being canceled all in all. Although some saw this as a negative step, many saw it as a new way to share news, insights, and one on one sessions with some of the world’s best speakers from the comfort of their own homes. People who we may have never gotten to come to Cairo to present and hold sessions with up and coming startups were given a whole new platform to showcase their knowledge and news on.

One of those specific talks was with music streaming giant Spotify and its Managing Director in the Middle East and North Africa – Claudius Boller, alongside Co-Founder of our very own Scoop Empire; Sherry El Kilany.

To find out what Spotify has planned for the region and how you as an artist can be seen and heard on the platform, check out their talk below:

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