Soulful Collab: Mustafa The Poet’s New Single ‘Imaan’ ft. Imaan Hammam

Mustafa Ahmed, aka Mustafa the Poet, always knows how to tap into his lyrical prowess to create songs rich with meaning. The Sudanese artist is bringing that very artistry into the latest song of his debut album.

“Imaan” is a song that dives into the intricacies of religious faith and is explored through Dutch Moroccan model Imaan Hammam’s appearance in its music video. Having Hammam appear in the video stems from the special friendship between the two artists, who’ve appeared together on several occasions.

With both having strong roots in the region, they’re vocal about their support of Palestine and Sudan, both countries that are currently locked in a strife of violence and destruction.

Having the two appear together in a song that intertwines faith, culture, and identity is a beautiful way to showcase the rich connectivity of artists across the region and the power of bringing them together to create powerful music.

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