Sohag University Students Take Part In A Staged Robbery On Campus Grounds

The archaeological museum of Sohag University in Egypt was the unfortunate target of a planned robbery, with its culprits being its own students. Just this Sunday, four people were detained for stealing 59 artifacts from the museum but upon further investigation, it turned out there was a fifth culprit. On Monday, the police began a pre-trial investigation of the five robbers.

Via Cairo24

The accused were two male students, a female student as well as a parent of one of the students. When it came to the robbery itself, each person had a big role to play. To break into the museum, two of the male students had to work together to unlock the museum’s doors where one blocked the view of the security camera so the other can enter unseen and break several display cases that held about 637 items.

Next up came the escape plan, one that involved the female student and her car. She had no idea that she was helping the two male students transfer the artifacts from the museum to a location near the center of Sohag. Now with the remaining two suspects, it was unclear what role they played in this staged heist but what is known is that when they were taken in for questioning, they denied their involvement in the entire scheme.

With the suspects detained, the public prosecution is still involved in ongoing investigations of the accused students as well as an examination of all the items that were looted from the museum that was seized from the culprits during their official arrest.

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