Social Media Hilariously Reacts to Ivanka Trump in Saudi Arabia

President Trump is currently visiting Saudi Arabia to negotiate a new arms deal. Arabic social media users however – specifically Saudis and Egyptians – decided this was an opportune moment for some hilarious memes, under the hashtag “#بنت_ترامب” (this translates into #Trump’s_Daughter).


The hashtag has been the number one trend in Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the most hilarious memes and comments shared under the hashtag. And yes, the First Lady Melania Trump does make a cameo in the memes.



via: Facebook. The caption reads “when you travel to The Gulf, earn money, and come back to Egypt to marry a girl from Mansoura governorate.”


via: Facebook. The caption reads “God gave me everything, except for your cell phone number.”


via: Facebook


via: Facebook. The caption reads “You have distracted my people. Next time you come for a visit do not bring your daughter.”


via: Twitter


via: Twitter. The caption reads “If someone says they will show you where the bathroom is, do not go with them.”


via: Twitter


via: Facebook. The caption reads “How will you react when you see Ivanka, if that’s how you react to Melania? #TheRoyalTranslator”


via: Twitter


via: Facebook. The caption reads “The current interaction between Saudis and Ivanka.”




via: Facebook. The caption reads “Is your dad an Arms Dealer?”. “No, why”. “Because you are as hot as a rocket.”



WE SAID THIS: The Saudi people were not ready for Ivanka.

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