Snorkelers Beware! Egypt Suspends Water Activities in Ras Muhammad Following a Recent Shark Attack

Minister of Environment Dr. Yasmine Fouad, issued a decision to stop all water sports and activities in the vicinity of the “Shark Reef” diving area in the Ras Muhammad reserve. This came after 3 people, including tourists, were injured in a shark attack that took place during a snorkeling trip. Victims were immediately transferred to the hospital for necessary medical procedures.

Fouad’s decision came in accordance with global practices in cases of shark attacks on humans, and it is a precautionary measure to ensure no further attacks happen on other tourists in the following days.

بيان وزارة البيئة رقم (٢) في شأن حادث هجوم سمكة قرش علي ثلاث اشخاص بمحمية رآس محمد – جنوب سيناءتلقت وزارة البيئة أمس…

Posted by ‎وزارة البيئة – Ministry of Environment‎ on Monday, October 26, 2020

The Ministry of Environment confirmed in a press release that they are currently investigating the circumstances and causes of the accident, while extending the closure of the area for another 4 days until further re-evaluation of the situation.

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