SNL’s Arab-American Breakthrough: Ramy Youssef’s Standout Moments

Seeing an Arab and Egyptian figure be the host of SNL is an event in and of itself, promising a fresh and new take on social and political humor. That’s how it felt when Egyptian actor and comedian Ramy Youssef took the stage on SNL. Being such a special show, these were our favorite moments:

Palestine Monologue

From wanting a female president to run for election to his excitement over Beyonce’s new album, Youssef’s monologue was steeped in humor. Jokes aside, he used the monologue as an opportunity to talk about a friend who called him. His name is Ahmed and his whole family is in Gaza.

Ahmed is terrified; he doesn’t “know where half of them are.” During the call, his only request was for Youssef to pray for them. It’s a poignant and raw portrayal of exactly what’s happening with Palestinians and their families.

Ozempic For Ramadan Commercial

Ramadan was a big topic for Youssef, as he told the audience about the holy month and how he was fasting. Then came a skit that had the audience laughing their socks off.

Meet Ozempic, a drug supposed to treat diabetes but instead is used by celebs and TikTokers to shed weight.

In a hilarious twist, Youssef stars in a commercial all about selling “Ozempic for Ramadan.” Why? It’ll suppress your hunger and help make fasting that much easier. SNL definitely earned those creativity points!

Hitman vs. Uber

Picture a very serious Youssef as a meticulous and calculated hitman ready for his kill until his Uber Eats order arrives. In a relatable moment, Youssef and the delivery man struggle to find each other, a typical scenario we all go through when we order delivery. This is exacerbated by the fact that Youssef has got to a kill to finish.

The Immigrant Dad Talk Show

A skit with two immigrant dads, Joaquin Antonio (Marcello Hernández) with his cigarette and Hamad Ahmed Mahmoud (Ramy Youssef) with his shisha. It’s a comedic recipe waiting to happen!

Seeing Youssef on the SNL stage, representing Arabs worldwide in a hilarious collection of skits and monologues, is a refreshing addition to global entertainment.

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