Smoking Rates in the Middle East Soar: How to Stop Your Health Going Up in Smoke

Smoking remains a prominent problem in the Middle East. Although many people enjoy the effects nicotine has on the body, the research is clear: smoking can kill. For those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, cutting out cigarettes is an important step. However, it’s easier said than done. In the Middle East today, smoking has become ingrained in local cultures. Today, Jordan has the highest smoking rates in the world. According to a study carried out by the World Health Organization, eight out of ten Jordanian men smoke.

This data includes smokeless products such as e-cigarettes. However, even when these are excluded, 66% of Jordanian men and 17% of women smoke. Of the men that smoke, they consume, on average, 23 cigarettes a day. By those metrics, smoking is a public health issue in Jordan, but there are similar stories across the Middle East. With that being the case, people need to focus more on their health and stop smoking. Again, we know this is easier said than done.

However, in today’s world, there are products that can help. Each of the following products may not be a solution in their own right, however, they’re healthier than cigarettes and, when used in unison, they can help you kick the habit and become 100% smoke and nicotine-free.

Knowledge is Power

Without a reason, you’ll never stop smoking. Even with all the products and gimmicks in the world, quitting is almost impossible if you aren’t motivated. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to click here to see the effects of smoking.

Whether it’s the internal issues such as lung disease, cancer, diabetes, and COPD; or the external ones, such as bad breath and aged skin, smoking isn’t great for the body. In fact, it’s not great for anybody. If you don’t care about the effect it has on you, maybe you should think about the impact passive smoking can have on the health of those around you.

Snus as an Alternative

Snus is a finely ground tobacco product that’s slightly moist and designed to be placed behind the top lip. If you check out a variety known as Siberia here, you’ll see that snus also comes in different flavors. With Siberia, you get tobacco hit with a spicy, menthol flavor. Although this product still contains nicotine, snus is considered by many as a better alternative to smoking. Thus, if you’re making small steps towards giving up, this should be one of them.

Inhalators for the Habit

Once you’ve found a way to get some type of nicotine hit without smoking, you need something to hold. Part of the addiction is habitual behaviors, one of which is holding a cigarette. Advice on Inhalators here explains how these vessels allow you to suck on something without as many negative health consequences.

Although they contain nicotine, it’s a much smaller amount than cigarettes. So, by using an inhaler, you can maintain the behavior pattern of holding something but change the end result. Smoking is a hard habit to break. However, there are ways to break that habit. If you can get your mind right, take small steps and focus on the long-term goal of being healthy, it’s entirely possible.

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