Smokers In Egypt, We Have Some Unfortunate News For You!

By Yasmeen Badawy

Prices have been rising in Egypt for a while now, and unfortunately, to all smokers, the prices of cigarettes are set to rise this Thursday. The Chairman of the Eastern Tobacco Company, Mohamed Haroun, announced that as of Thursday, prices of all types of cigarettes will increase by at least 1.5LE per pack. This rise in prices is under a law approved by the House of Representatives No.2 of 2018.

Via Daily News Egypt

According to a phone call on MBC Masr, Haroun said that 50 percent of the value of the increase will fund the new comprehensive health insurance system, while the other 50 percent will go to the Taxes Authority. The result of the price of Cleopatra Box cigarettes would rise to LE17 per pack instead of LE15.5, said Haroun, adding that the Cleopatra cigarettes are the cheapest in Egypt. The price of Marlboro Black Label cigarettes will be sold at LE22, instead of LE19. In recent years, Egyptian smokers have been facing a severe rise in prices of cigarettes due to a drop in imported tobacco and a new taxation system.

WE SAID THIS: Cigarettes will now need a separate budget with these prices!