Shutting Down Israeli Businesses In Britain: How This La Casa De Papel-Themed Group Is Taking Action

A group of activists called ‘Palestine Action‘ led by a Palestinian-Iraqi woman, are now an imminent threat to Israeli-based military weapons companies like Elbit Systems Ltd. The activists who are known for wearing red overalls resembling those of La Casa De Papel characters are gaining momentum in many countries of the world like Britain, the USA, Liverpool, and Scotland.

In only three years of work, Pal Action has permanently closed two Elbit sites in Britain, forcing Elbit to leave their central headquarters. They made damages that are summed in billions. Pal Actions’ consistent efforts are also causing other companies to cut ties with Elbit, which was the case with Fisher German UK-based company.

Although many of the activists get detained and sued, the group usually finds a way to win trials over persecutors. Their main aim is to make an example of how they can shut down Elbit which is Israel’s main weapon supplier, in so doing they will go after smaller ones as well.

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