Shifting Gazans To Artificial Island: Israeli Minister Stuns EU in Controversial Proposal

Shocking everyone during a high-stakes meeting of EU foreign ministers was Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who proposed moving Gazans to an artificial island off the coast of Gaza.

Held on Monday, the meeting was supposed to tackle the ongoing devastation taking place across Gaza. The foreign ministers present were attempting to come up with potential first steps for a peaceful resolution.

During the meeting, Katz showed video clips of an artificial island off the coast of Gaza as well as a railway that’ll connect Israel to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, and Bahrain.

This wasn’t the first time that he proposed this controversial idea, as back in 2011, he suggested the island idea while he was working as a transport minister under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Adding a dystopian and sci-fi feel to the entire proposal, he also suggested that an international military force control the island and have the entire island act as a shipping hub for Gaza that’ll connect it to the rest of the world.

His idea wasn’t taken in with open arms, as Foreign Affairs Chief Josep Borrell, who was in the meeting, said that Katz’s intervention during the meeting was “irrelevant” to the discussions.

“I think that the minister could have used his time better to worry about the situation in his country or the high death toll in Gaza,” said Borrel.

Many of the ministers in attendance and the EU in general are vouching for a different solution, which is the ‘two-state solution’ for Palestinians. It’s unknown what will happen to Gaza as the violence continues to erupt amidst all the meetings and ICJ hearings that’ve been taking place across the globe.

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