Sherine Serenades Her Man in Latest Music Video

Egypt’s sassy comeback queen, Sherine Abdel Wahab, is back with another ballad that leaves us crying a river. Our songstress with angelic vocal cords just released a new music video, Hobbo Ganna, and the song is packed with emotions, beautiful lyrics, and quite the handsome male model.

Newlyweds; Sherine and Hossam Habib, flaunt their love in the new music video, the song is already the 4th trending video on Youtube in less than three days.

Via Hobbo Ganna Music Video

Nothing less is expected from the woman who makes headlines every couple of weeks. However, this time she goes viral for a positive reason! This is the sensational singer we fell in love with. No matter how many times the media brings her down, she makes an epic comeback!

Telling your husband that his love is heaven in a song with millions of views is the ultimate act of love assurance, knowing quite well how unstable celebrities’ marriages tend to be. One of the few celebrity couples who got away with getting personal with their real-life relationship in music videos is Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Bawl your eyeballs out while listening to Hobbo Ganna below:

Music video credits:

Lyrics: Mohamed Atef

Director: Lucca Coassin

WE SAID THIS: What a grande comeback!