Shagarha: The NGO Planting Fruit Trees All Around Egypt

Shagarha is an NGO founded by Omar El-Deeb, a petroleum engineer. He started the initiative as a way to fight hunger and to create more green spaces by planting fruit trees around Egypt’s governorates. The sole purpose of this environmental initiative is to serve the community and provide fruit for everyone, especially for those in need. Around 15 percent of Egyptians suffer from hunger and Shagarha is trying to solve this crisis by selling one pot for less than $1.

Via: Shagarha/facebook

Shagarha was established back in 2016 and so far they have achieved so much on the ground. They have planted more than 20,000 fruit trees in seven different governorates and cultivated more than 1000 balconies and rooftops through traditional and modern methods. The initiative also managed to bring around 20 private and public schools on board to spread the culture of planting fruit trees instead of decorative trees.

In general, the plantation of trees is important because they not only provide food to those in need. Trees support life by providing habitat to different species and actually cleanse the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment and releasing oxygen, not to mention they also provide shade and have a cooling effect on their surrounding environments.

Shagarha is a very simple and well-rounded initiatives that benefits all of us. It simply sheds light on spreading the culture of sustainable development and the importance of protecting the environment from pollution.

WE SAID THIS: It’s good to see how such initiatives are taking place in Egypt.