Sexual Harassment in Alexandria Takes a Deadly Turn with This Incident!

Eid celebrations ended in a drastic way on the beach of Abu Youssef in Alexandria on Friday. A  40-year-old man took his last breath, allegedly for confronting an unemployed 39-year-old man for harassing his wife. The latter attacked the former in a feud with a knife that ended his life instantly.

The Director of Security of Alexandria, Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif received the notification of the incident from the director of the Police Department, and the officers of the Investigations Unit of the Department were able to seize the accused man, who is detained for 15 days. The body was kept in the mortuary room at the hospital of Mabrat al-Asafra.


Unfortunately and as expected, the Lawyer of the accused, Weam Mohamed said that his client is mentally ill, and that “He was admitted to a mental hospital more than once, but he managed to escape as he refuses treatment. He lives on his own since the death of his mother and he is not married.”

WE SAID THIS: Our prayers to the victim and all his family!

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