The Selfie Expert and Leader OPPO Is Changing the Game with Their Latest F5

During a lavish launch event held at Dusit Thani Lake View, OPPO unveiled their latest premium model, and we’re all here for it! The revolutionary smartphone manufacturer that succeeded in solidifying its presence in the Egyptian market is probably going to eliminate any competition with the F5.



The F5 is the brand’s first FHD+ full-screen display known as “infinity display” model in Egypt, featuring the ground-breaking newly introduced A.I. beauty recognition technology. The new offerings literally guarantee the best and most magical selfie experience — helping you “capture the real you”.



OPPO clearly demonstrated their capacity to combine royal design, exceptional performance, and unique futuristic features at an exceedingly competitive price. Everyone at the event was eager to try out the new “F5” model, especially after hearing about all its features that were showcased by the charismatic host, Ramez Youssef.



Youssef asked the crowd about their needs in smartphones. Surprisingly, their answers were all tackled in the USPs, specs, and features of the premium F5. It was easier now to comprehend why OPPO is booming within millennials — specifically because of their concern with the wants and needs of the youth.



In a breathtaking atmosphere, guests enjoyed the new Selfie Expert and Leader where they were able to take a glimpse in its unique design and test the new A.I. trinkets where they were able to take cool selfies and share outstanding moments with one another. Everyone was captivated by the futuristic technology that recognizes and captures the beauty of everyone, without changing or altering their real features.


OPPO F5 is the first smartphone to bring Artificial Intelligence into selfie feature in Egypt; a technology that identifies shapes and facial structures based on a global database emulating skills that help selfies look more real and natural.


Andy Shi, Managing Director, OPPO Africa and the Middle East stated: “Our focus has always been on bringing the best photography and selfie to the Egyptian consumers. We have been leading the selfie with our Selfie Expert F series for which we have received immense response, especially from the youth. With the launch of F5 that offers the first A.I. Beauty technology, we are confident of going further ahead on this journey. Thus, the new brand slogan, The Selfie Expert and Leader, truly represents our ambition to continue being the leaders.”



During the launch, OPPO announced their new brand ambassador, Egypt’s favorite actress Amina Khalil. The beautiful and influential role model illustrated why she’s in love with her new F5, and took a pretty selfie with Ramez Youssef and the rest of the guests. Since OPPO is installed with a 20MP front camera with an ultra-sensitive F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8 sensor, you don’t even have to question the beauty of the selfie she took.


Moreover, the 16MP rear camera is excellent for all day and night shots. Along with the F1.8 aperture in the back camera that also performs brilliantly for brighter and more precise shots in darker settings.



Another feature that OPPO brilliantly covered in their latest installment, is providing the largest screen possible for its users without increasing the size of the phone. The F5 will be OPPO’s first 6.0-inch FHD+ full-screen display device, featuring a high-resolution 2160 x 1080 dpi screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. Needless to say that it’s the first phone equipped with FHD+ full-screen display in its price segment. With this screen, we question if we’ll ever Netflix and chill using out TVs ever again!


OPPO didn’t forget about gamers, which is why they’re giving them the “Game Acceleration” feature on a gold plate. Offering a smoother game experience, this will ensure the optimization of the game display configuration, utilization of the hardware resource to the maximum, and minimal disturbance while gaming — because we all know incoming calls while unlocking a game is the worst.


Oh, and if you thought games are irrelevant because all they do is sabotage battery life, then think again. Why, you say? Because thanks to the 3200Ah battery and the Continuous Optimizing technology that manages the apps running on the device,  it will grant the user up to 12 hours of continuous use. Even if you end up using the split screen feature for multitasking.


To make way for the full screen, the fingerprint reader is now on the back of the device. We, however, probably won’t use it, because the F5 is installed with Facial Unlock — the new face recognition technology that will recognize its user and unlock the phone.


Priced at 5490 EGP, the F5 will go on sale from December 16th and will be available both online and offline. With these features, that design, and innovative technology at this price, I wonder, how can any other smartphone compete? Two other models were also announced at the launch event, the F5 6GB edition and the F5 Youth to give OPPO fans and the youth more choices to suit their needs. These two variants will be available in Egypt soon.



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