See Dubai Through A Different Light With NFT Artist Baber Afzal’s Vibrant Creations

Bridging realism and surrealism, Pakistani artist, Baber Afzal captures Dubai as never seen before. Through an NFT lens, Afzal takes us on an adventure that is both futuristic and vibrant. From one skyline to the next, here’s a dive into some of his diverse, dream-like work.


Titled Reflecticity, this piece in purple and orange shades mirrors Dubai’s sunset across its iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa. When Afzal posted the creation to his Instagram in 2022, he captioned it “to get such a clear sky is a dream come true in Dubai cause it gives birth to amazing reflective sunsets like these.”


Dubai from space? The night and ice blue creation accentuate Burj Khalifa with a futuristic spin that makes it stand out from other works focusing on the tower.

Into The Light

Steering away from Burj Khalifa, the digital artist and photographer capture Dubai’s Grand Mosque in a magical light. With a mainly dark image, a ray of light bursts in following a man’s shadow constructing an almost existentialist piece that plays on different moments in time.

Stepping Sand

The true definition of Golden dunes. Afzal highlights Dubai’s Sahara in brown shades in an almost 3D manner showcasing its power and beauty.


Upping the Sci-fi inspo up a notch or two with the piece Symbolism. In UAE Sahara, Ras Al Khaimah, with the twinkling stars, vibrant neon lights shoot out forming a ‘V’ letter as they’re projected into the mountains. A piece that merges between sci-fi and reality in the most colorful way.

Afzal’s work merges architecture, photography and NFTs, the photos above are only a taste of this out-of-this-world work.

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