A Scoop of Mosalsalat: Dina el Shebriny’s ‘Le’bet El Nesyan’ Has Officially Gotten Us Hooked!

The Ramadan series race has begun and from what we can see so far, the competition is strong.

One of the series that many are talking about is Dina El Sherbiny’s new “Le’bet El Nesyan” (Forgetfulness Game). The series, which airs daily on MBC Masr, talks about a woman who lost her memory and struggles remembering her past and living with the present. As she is reminded of bits and pieces from her past, we get a glimpse of what her life was like, and who she was before losing her memory, while provoking us into thinking of several scenarios for the next episodes, keeping us hooked!

Written by Tamer Habib, the story and the script caught everyone’s attention as the events began to unfold in the first 10 minutes of the very first episode. Fans took to Twitter, praising the strong start to the series, as well as the Egyptian actress’s performance. The series has been trending on Twitter since it started, with the audience giving their own takes on how the events will unfold, applauding the performance of the whole cast, and describing the beauty of the soundtrack that was composed by the Egyptian Legend Amr Diab.

“Le’bet El Nesyan” also features Ahmed Dawoud, Mahmoud Qabil, Injy El Mokkaddem, Ragaa El Giddawy, Ahmed Safwat, Aly Qassem, Asmaa Galal, among others.

As much as we already love the series, we just can’t wait to know what the next episodes have in store for us!

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