Saudi Arabia Hosts JAM Concert for Fans Across the Kingdom in Honor of Anime Village

Who isn’t a fan of anime? Its characters are vibrant and diverse because they have dreams and objectives, and there’s a lot of variation in them, making them relevant and easy to engage with their target audience. Nonetheless, we’ve heard of a number of events in the Middle East that bring anime enthusiasts together, but have you heard of “Anime village”? Organized by Saudi Arabia in what they call “the first of its kind in the world” that takes the form of a three-day event that featured a large cosplay parade with 50 models dressed in elaborate costumes, anime music shows, a concert by the renowned artist Rasha Rizk, and characters from Japanese anime.

This was an immersive experience that showcased the city’s cultural, recreational, and touristic diversity, with a concentration on anime and Japanese culture, as seen by the presence of Japanese eateries, anime businesses, and theatre performances. In addition to having entertainers in innovative costumes and retail stores, the Jeddah Seasons Department set aside an hour each week for young people to participate in educational programs that teach them about Japanese culture and foreign experiences in the field of anime.

Thus, in order to encourage more anime projects, JAM Project made history by becoming the first Japanese band to perform in Saudi Arabia. Last Friday according to Arab News, the concert was part of Anime Village’s festivities and special performances at City Walk in Jeddah. But what is JAM Project exactly? Well, it is an anime music genre band known for singing the theme songs for a variety of anime series and films, including “Garbo,” “Cardfight!” “Cyborg 009,” and the internationally acclaimed “Yu Gi Oh!” as well as “One Piece” and “One Punch Man.” JAM stands for “Japanese Animation Maker,” and it was formed by Ichirou Mizuki, a well-known Japanese theme-song artist, on July 19, 2000. The band is made up of individual vocalists who perform the theme songs together.

True anime enthusiasts attended, and the event was well-received, with the band performing anime show soundtracks that brought back memories for the audience.

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