Saudi Arabia and the UAE Pledge $500 Million Each as Humanitarian Aid for Yemen!

Via Los Angeles Times

At a United Nations Conference in Geneva, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates announced that they have pledged one billion dollars to join humanitarian aid efforts for the war-torn state of Yemen!

The United Nations has previously announced that they acquired access to food storage facilities in the port city of Hodeidah! The conference is considered the largest consolidated humanitarian appeal for Yemen; as about 80% of the population needs urgent protection and assistance.

Via The National

The UAE’s Minister of State for International Co-operation, Reem Al-Hashimy, said that an additional $500 million will be allocated to support humanitarian action in Yemen. During the conference, Kuwait pledged $250 million, and the European Union promised $162 million. At the conference, the UN said that about $4 billion are needed to help Yemen out of the suffering caused by conflict and food security.

WE SAID THIS: We hope that the severe suffering of the Yemeni people will come to an end!