Salah and Hegazy Just Started the Most Hilarious Duel On Twitter!

By: Aya Elhelw

Have you watched yesterday’s match between liverpool and West Bromwich Albion? Well, it doesn’t matter because, you’ve definitely seen the buzz on social media on Mohamed Hegazy punching Mohammed Salah in the face.

It all started with an after match tweet from Hagazy to Salah. He tweeted a photo with Salah saying: “Great team effort today! Happy to see my brother Mohamed Salah after a tough game”

In reply, Salah jokingly referred to the punch he received saying: ” You punch me in the game, then you come here and say I’m your brother!!”, commenting on the strong punch he received.

Hegazy punched Salah in the face during yesterday’s Premier League match that West Brom trailed 2-0 late in the second half, but scored two quick goals to earn a 2-2 draw with Liverpool.

Fans shared the Video of the incident adding so many fun twists to it. Here are some of their versions:

Some fans went straight to making memes about the 2 players:

WE SAID THAT: Do you think it was somehow intentional?