This Sahel Graffiti Mural Is All About Those Who Truly Run the World

Graffiti is an art form that has been used time and time again to counter specific oppressive and dogmatic ideas. A good example of this is the the 25th of January revolution, a time when the streets of Cairo were transformed into canvases for people to express their thoughts.


Today’s story, however, comes from Egypt’s North Coast. Indeed, this time the canvas does not lie in the streets of Cairo, rather it lies within the heart of Egyptians’ number 1 vacations spot.


Via Talenthouse


Mohamed Radwan – AKA @egysober – is an Egyptian architect and amateur graffiti artist. Radwan is most infamous for being the winner of Warner Bros. Studio Design Contest. He won the award for the graffiti he had created and designed, whilst being inspired by The Batman Vs.  Superman movie.


Radwan’s latest project is located in Sahel’s Seah Hub compound. It is a graffiti mural, dedicated to the cause of female empowerment in Egypt, and we are just so in love with it!


Radwan’s project features the one and only literal alliteration of the term ‘femme fatale’: Wonder Woman. Radwan views the fictional character as a symbol of international female empowerment. The graffiti also features characters like Rosie the Riveter, and contains lyrics from songs like Beyonce’s ‘Who Run The World’.




The graffiti has grabbed the attention of a number of media outlets, and we can definitely see why.




WE SAID THIS: Click here for more information about Mohamed Radwan.

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