Ronaldo’s Legacy Captured in New ‘The Road to Saudi Arabia’ NFT Series

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, currently playing and delivering amazing performances in the Saudi Arabian league, has partnered with Binance to launch a new NFT collection called “Forever Worldwide: The Road to Saudi Arabia.”

This exciting collection takes fans on a journey through Ronaldo’s incredible career, highlighting the key locations that shaped him into the global icon he is today.

A Look Back: From Madeira to Saudi Arabia

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The collection features NFTs representing seven pivotal places in Ronaldo’s story: Madeira, Lisbon, Manchester, Madrid, Turin, Riyadh, and Portugal.  Each NFT is designed by an artist with a personal connection to the specific location, ensuring a unique and meaningful representation of Ronaldo’s experiences.

Ronaldo expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the personal significance of each location. He stated that fans can expect to see “big moments” from his career captured in this special artwork collection.

The Collection Unveils in Two Drops

The “Forever Worldwide” collection will be released in two stages. The first drop, which kicked off on May 29th, features NFTs representing Ronaldo’s early career in Madeira, Lisbon, and Manchester.  These artworks capture the essence of where it all began for the football phenomenon.

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The second drop, launched today, June 6th, will release NFTs depicting Ronaldo’s achievements in Madrid, Turin, and his new chapter in Saudi Arabia.

More Than Just Art: Exclusive Rewards Await

Far beyond just static artwork, the “Forever Worldwide” NFT collection offers a dynamic experience for fans through a “Collect to Earn” system.  By acquiring NFTs, fans unlock a lot of exciting rewards, transforming their collection into an access pass to exclusive experiences.

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This could include anything from acquiring coveted vintage jerseys or tickets to see Ronaldo light up the pitch to receiving signed posters or even the opportunity to submit questions directly to Ronaldo, who will answer them in a special video made just for NFT holders.

Super Rare NFTs Offer Unforgettable Experiences

A limited collection of seven super rare (SSR) NFTs will be available through an online auction in June. These NFTs, designed by Mr. Dheo, pay homage to Ronaldo’s dedication to his home country, Portugal.

The most dedicated fans can win one of these exclusive SSR NFTs for free by participating in a quiz starting on June 11th.

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The SSR Portugal NFT unlocks an unforgettable experience with Ronaldo himself. This includes a trip to Riyadh, a match ticket, and the chance to participate in a personalized goal celebration moment with the legend himself

Saudi League: The latest Destination

Cristiano Ronaldo 'can leave Al-Nassr for Champions League football' as  Portugal star agrees huge clause after transfer | The Sun
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The “Forever Worldwide: The Road to Saudi Arabia” NFT collection is a celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo’s legendary career and enduring status as a global superstar.

His move to the Saudi Arabian league has ignited excitement for the sport in the region, highlighting Saudi Arabia as a significant football destination.

This innovative NFT collection offers fans a unique opportunity to participate in this exciting chapter while also owning a piece of Ronaldo’s incredible story. Fans can also visit the Binance Forever Zone to learn more about this exciting collaboration and how to get involved.

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