Road and Transport Authority: Driverless Taxis are Being Tested This Week in Dubai


The future is now, literally! The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is testing self-driving taxis as part of its participation in GITEX technology week. The driverless taxis will be tested on dedicated routes around Dubai Silicon Oasis starting Sunday the 14th of October! Worry not though, the cars are fitted with cameras and sensors that fully view traffic and road conditions, control the vehicle, and make sure to avoid collisions.

Via Gulf News

This isn’t the only futuristic feature announced by the RTA; as they revealed a plan to unveil a 3D printing system which manufactures spare parts for Dubai Metro and robot cleaners which will service Dubai Metro stations. Moreover, an AI-based automated chat system that responds to customer inquiries will also be revealed at the exhibit.

Dubai aims for 25 percent of transport journeys in the city to be conducted by autonomous means by 2030.

WE SAID THIS: Seems like we’re living in a Black Mirror episode after all!