Riyadh’s Fashion Futures: The Kingdom’s Biggest Fashion Event of the Season

In celebration and promotion of the creativity, entrepreneurship, and talent of the local and global fashion industry, the Kingdom is holding its annual Fashion Futures event, a major International conference at Riyadh’s City Hub starting on Nov. 17. Hosted by the Fashion commission, this 3-day event will be a mix of talks, panel discussions and Q&As from renowned speakers and industry influencers around big topics like sustainability, entrepreneurship, diversity, culture, and innovation.

Fashions Futures 2019 Edition Via Vogue Arabia

The event is not just about sparking a conversation around the world of fashion and its future, it’s also about sharing skills and insights into the special craft through a collection of masterclasses and workshops led by fashion leaders. The most exciting course will be given by Abdullah Abo Milhim, a professor at the Italian design school Istitutio Marangoni, who will place a lens on the business side of fashion and lead a class that will focus on innovation trends and merchandising.

Bringing more fashion education to the forefront will be Accademia Costume & Moda, a renowned Italian fashion school that will offer masterclasses in everything from visual merchandising to brand development. Fun surprises are also part of the Fashion Futures event with fashion pop-up shops as well as a Swap Shop concept opening to the public. With such an eclectic collection of activities and attendees, the event is a great way to place a big, celebratory lens on the fashion world at large.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and want to participate in this global event, registration is now open through Fashion Futures’ official Instagram account.

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