Reviving Your Creative Self – 7 Ways to Galvanize your spirit

How do you find creativity at times when it seems impossible to create something? How do you find inspiration? We all need it at any stage of our life: some use it for work or studies, and some create artistic and creative content for fun. The struggle for getting in the creative flow is real, especially when you lose inspiration when needed the most.

Think of creativity like the waves of the sea, the waves come and go. In moments when you feel extremely creative, waves of ideas bursting and crashing against the shore. While on other days, the sea is at rest, your mind is at rest, and no breeze can move those insinuations of ideas stagnant in your mind.

It is a familiar feeling to anyone who has ever had to use their creativity for work: the cursor blinks on the screen, emptiness grips your brain, and there are no new waves of ideas to come. So, here are seven solutions to help you find your lost creativity!

1.   Go for a walk

A bit of fresh air can do wonders for your creativity. As you walk, concentrate on the rhythm of your steps and let your thoughts wander. If you can, leave your phone at home and get in touch with your surroundings as much as possible, allowing them to become food for thought. Even a short five-minute walk around the block can be a good catalyst for your creativity.

2.   Listen to some music

Countless studies show how music affects our mood, productivity, and creativity. Find or create a playlist that helps you connect with yourself.

Try listening to music in a foreign language to stimulate the brain’s language centers or playing ambient music in the background, which is perfect for stimulating the creative process. Try different styles of music and find out what stimulates your creativity the most, then save the playlist to your phone, so you always have a recharge of ideas at your fingertips.

3.   Make space in your mind

Sometimes, what gets in the way of creative flow is the feeling that your mind is too busy to remember or that there are still tasks to be done. When you feel this way, try “clearing your RAM” of thoughts, as you would a clogged computer. Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you need to do or remember. From emails to send, appointments that crowd your head, ideas for a new project, write it all down to create space for new, creative thoughts.

4.   Get inspired by a TED Talk

Have you heard of TED Talks? They are conferences, born in the United States but now organized worldwide, that deal with various topics, from politics to music, literature, neuroscience and more. “Any idea is worth spreading,” as the Ted Talks motto says, becomes a topic for discussion.

Among these, there are many exciting ones on the topic of creativity. Some of them focus on the scientific aspects of what makes us creative, while others talk about creativity as a muse that chooses when to interact with us. Try starting your day by listening to a TED talk. It’s a powerful tool to find the proper motivational charge and get inspired by great minds.

5.   Search the Internet for inspirational content

Sometimes the best way to regain inspiration is to look at the creations of other people. We do not say that you should copy them or even steal the idea, but use the existing creations to inspire yourself. Watch a movie or read a book to build your own fantastic universe, use a free essay generator to get a clue about the content of your future essay, or do research on the most interesting design pieces to come up with your own.

6.   Choose the right place

Get out of the house and work in a communal space like a library or a café. Alternatively, try to liven up your space indoors. Swap pictures and photos hanging on the walls for something new, or try changing the furniture arrangement. Sometimes just putting enough flowers on your desk and adding a touch of vibrant colors is enough. Where you work should match your personal needs and tastes. Some people need minimal space, while others prefer stimulating environments. Finding what stimulates your mind and creating a new flow of energy in the workplace is one of the most effective ways to inspire creativity.

7.   Experiment with your usual working hours

While analytical thinking requires freshness and mental alertness, creative thinking is fueled by entirely different components. And absurdly, it is at its best when it’s tired. According to research published in Scientific American, fatigue and distraction can be the best allies of a creative mind. Try to engage in creative thoughts and activities in the evening when you feel most tired.

If all else fails and you still find yourself stuck, close your eyes and imagine the ocean. Take a deep breath and remember that there is an ebb and flow of ideas within you. Your creativity will not remain dormant for long, so go on and try these techniques out right now!

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