Restaurants You Probably Did Not Know Are Owned By These Arab Celebrities

We love them whenever they grace the stage or screen but did you ever wonder what else our favorite celebrities are up to these days? It turns out that several Arab celebrities have also dipped their toes into the culinary world by opening up their very own restaurants. Let’s take a look at some of these restaurants.

Meat Moot – Ahmed Fahmi

For lovers of glazed smoky beef and juicy brisket, Meat Moot has opened its doors in Egypt to offer meat aficionados the ultimate dining experience. What’s cool about this dining spot is that it is actually owned by the popular Egyptian actor Ahmed Fahmi. Serving seven kinds of smoky beef from brisket to ribs across multiple cooking stations across the restaurant, Meat Moot is the ultimate buzzing culinary spot that you need to try soon.

Hallola – Hala Sedky

Bringing the perfect mix of a night hangout spot, shisha place and casual dining hub, Hallola is a great spot to hit up with your friends any day of the week. It’s Egyptian actress Hala Sedky’s very own restaurant that has made its way to Cairo’s Sheikh Zayed. You can expect all types of dishes in this eatery from grilled salmon skewers to a decadent mushroom truffle risotto.

Tante – Ashraf Abdel Baky

Opening its doors just last year is Tante, a restaurant that claims to serve pure and authentic Egyptian food hence its motto “akl Masry Masry” meaning Egyptian-Egyptian food. Nestled on the second floor of Tucano Mall is this special eatery that serves up everything from juice kofta to freshly baked ballad bread. What makes this joint special is how it is owned by renowned Egyptian actor Ashraf Abdel Baky who is bringing an authentic taste of home to the masses.

La Trattoria – Tarek Omar Sherif

Bringing the flavors of Italy all the way to Cairo’s Zamalek is La Trattoria, the classy dark-lit eatery that serves up classic dishes like their signature Ossobuco made of veal shanks with red wine sauce. Such an elegant fine dining spot has to have an owner of the same grandeur and no one exemplifies it more than the son of the legendary Omar Sherif, Tarek Omar Sherif.

Odin The Pool House – Assala

Known for her powerful vocal chops and heartbreaking ballads Assala doesn’t just slay the stage, she also slays the culinary world. Offering an exquisite gourmet experience is her very own fine dining restaurant that opened up at Uptown Cairo. Known as Odin The Pool House, the poolside eatery serves culinary delights ranging from Australian Rib Eye steak to risotto porccini.

Holmes Burger – Fouad El Kaffas

These well-crafted juicy burgers helmed from the seaside city of Alexandria, have been making waves across Egypt even making it to its capital of Cairo. Holmes Burger is the booming Egyptian burger chain brought to life by celebrity chef, entrepreneur and food blogger Fouad El Kaffas who is known for his culinary videos on YouTube. Hitting up this burger joint means you’ll get to try everything from their juicy Angus patty creations to their smashed burgers.

Now that you know that these special eateries have such big names behind their establishment, you should definitely hit up these places up and try out their culinary creations.

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