Restaurant in Cairo Opens Offering Free Lunch for Those in Need

Via TheCable Lifestyle

Nothing gives us hope for a better Egyptian future than selfless acts of philanthropy. Last Friday, a restaurant just opened its doors and it’s one of a kind.

Tekyet El-Rahman, located in 26 ElMansoreya street in Al-Hussein, is a new restaurant with a twist. Every day, 150 patrons, those in need get to enjoy a hot free meal, dishes are continously served until supplies run out in the store.

We talked to the project manager, Tayseer Abdel Hameed, and he explained their vision. “Our end goal is that everyone does the same, opens a restaurant that offers free meals to those in need in different areas of the country,” Abdel Hameed told us. “We want everyone to help; not with money, but food supplies,” he explained, adding that the owner prefers to stay anonymous.

Lunch is served at 2 PM daily, and after Friday prayers. The menu is based on the supplies available and could be anything from rice, chicken, and vegetables to pasta, liver, and sausage. The daily meal costs around EGP 300 per person.

WE SAID THIS: Call 0115 252 7500 for donations.