Residents of 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed Will Soon Have An International Airport and Here’s When!

Rejoice, residents of 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed, you won’t have to drive all the way to the city’s other side to pick up or drop someone from the airport because you’ll have your own international one.

According to a statement made by the Minister of Civil Aviation; the government will inaugurate the Airport in just a few weeks and it will start receiving planes from all over the world in no time.

According to Egypt Today Magazine; the new airport was established on an area of 25,500 square meters, 12 kilometers away from the Pyramids of Giza Plateau, a location that aims at boosting tourism. Adding that it will serve the cities of Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October, and is close to Alexandria, Fayoum and Beni Suef governorates. It is also significantly close to the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Giza Pyramids.

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