Reports of Children Burned Alive and Mass Executions as Aleppo Falls to Syrian Army

Via AA
Via Reuters
Via Reuters


Aleppo fell to the Syrian Army last night, and the civilians fear genocide as local media reported that “civilians have been lined up and shot in mass executions.”


As opposition fighters withdrew from besieged Aleppo’s districts on Monday, regime forces and their allies carried out several atrocities against civilians. Opposition sources speak of burning children alive and executions taking place since late Monday.


Via Twitter
Via Twitter


Activist Lina Shamy said in a video posted on Twitter “we are here exposed [to] a genocide in the besieged city of Aleppo,” “This may be my last video.”



Shamy ended the video with these sad words, that may be her last words to the world: “With no safe zone, no life, every bomb is a new massacre. Save Aleppo, save the humanity.”



WE SAID THIS: #SaveAleppo #SaveHumanity 


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