Renovated Egyptian National Library, Dar El-Kotob, To Finally Open Its Doors Soon!

Ever wondered what’s going to happen with the Egyptian National Library or when it’s set to open up? Well, we’ve got some news for you!

The general supervisor of the library, Aida Abdel Ghani, just announced in an open statement that the library is set to open very soon. She did not set a certain date on which the library will be available for the public, but still, this is considered to be great news.

Via Ida2at

She added that all damage done to the national library following the heinous attack on nearby Cairo Police HQ in 2014 has been removed.

According to Egypt Today; the renovation cost some 33 million pounds, which were offered as a grant from Sharjah ruler Sheikh Mohamed bin Sultan al Qassemi, she noted.

WE SAID THIS: The Egyptian National Library and Archives, aka “Dar El-Kotob”, in Cairo is the largest library in Egypt.