Remembering Khan: Our Top 5 Mohamed Khan Movies

We’re still in denial. We honestly thought giants like Mohamed Khan do not die, in fact the mere thought of Khan dying didn’t even cross our minds. We couldn’t believe the news when we heard of his passing. Instead of mourning the death of one of Egypt’s biggest legends, let’s celebrate his life by remembering what an incredible director he was.



1. Missing Person – Kharag wa lam ya3od


Starring Yehia ElFakharany and Laila Elwy.


A depressed urban dweller leaves the city for his hometown in the countryside. It’s a critique that highlights the contrast between the hustle and bustle of city life and the warmth of the countryside.



2. Sadat’s Diaries – Ayam el-Sadat


Starring  Ahmed Zaki, Mona Zaki and Mervat Amin.


Basically visual biography of late Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat.


3. Dreams of Hind and Camilia – A7lam Hind w Kamilia


Starring Naglaa Fathi and Aida Riyadh


A widow and the other divorcé try to juggle life chores to survive poverty in a man’s world.



4. The Wife of an Important Man – Zawgat Ragol Mohem


Starring Mervat Amin and Ahmed Zaki.


A wife gets happily married to a police officer to discover his very dark sides.



5. A Dinner Date – Maw3ed 3ala El-3ashaa


Starring: Souad Hosny, Ahmed Zaki and Hussein Fahmy.


An frustrated neglected wife,  married to a famous business man, leaves him to fall in love with a man who gives her a great deal of emotional compensation. But things don’t go well.



WE SAID THIS: Rest in peace, ya 3abqary!