Remember the Superheroes Saving Stray Animals in Syria? Here’s Where They Are Now!

Two years ago, we highlighted some superheroes that were doing their best to save stray animals, that live in war-torn Syria, The Syrian Team for Animal Rescue (STAR)!

Now, it’s time to follow up on the passionate rescue team and witness how much they grew since then. STAR is a no-kill shelter for injured and unwanted animals in Syria. They rescue animals who suffered from torture and abuse from people and provides them with shelter, food, medical care, and most importantly, it gives them love and keeps them safe.


STAR was founded four years ago, and they now established their own association to work in a more organized and legal manner. They are centered in the suburbs of the Syrian capital of Damascus. Their flagship sanctuary has more than 1,000 cats and dogs; most of which are already recovered and ready to be at their forever homes.

STAR has been given a suitable piece of land from the government and are currently working to build a big shelter! They have an active team of 12 and another supporting team of 20 animal lovers!

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WE SAID THIS:  Not all heroes wear capes, some just save stray animals!